U.S. Marines train for possible future Chinese invasion of Taiwan

As the war of words ramps up between the Biden administration and Chinese government over the status of Taiwan, U.S. forces in Japan are gearing up for a possible conflict. This comes as President Biden wraps up his first official trip to Asia where he said the U.S. will step in if China invades Taiwan. Ed O’Keefe reports. CBS News

China responds to Biden’s pledge to defend Taiwan if invaded

China expressed resolute opposition to Joe Biden’s remarks that the US would defend Taiwan militarily if the Chinese mainland were to invade.

Biden made the statement on Monday during his visit to Japan.

Responding to that at a regular press conference, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: ‘the Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction with and resolute opposition to relevant words of the US’ The Guardian

Can U.S. drone swarms thwart Xi Jinping’s sinister ambitions?

Simulations show swarms of networked drones decisive in defending Taiwan from Chinese invasion. ‘War Zone’ report stated swarms of networked, autonomous drones could be ‘decisive factors’ in repelling China. The U.S. Air Force been conducting war games in conjunction with independent organizations. Ex-U.S. official Ochmanek said Rand think tank held Taiwan-related wargame that included the use of a swarm of UAVs. Hindustan Times