Why China Can’t Stop Its Decline | Howard W. French, FP

“A new shift has occurred recently, and if anything, it has been even more dramatic. Here and there, and then suddenly almost everywhere, opinion shapers and experts have been saying that the great Chinese growth engine is broken and that the country is no longer destined to lead the world in the decades ahead.” Foreign Policy

US experts think Taiwan Strait crisis likely in 2024 | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A new study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) found a majority of U.S. and Taiwanese experts believe that a Taiwan Strait crisis is likely in 2024, that China is capable of imposing a blockade on Taiwan, but that it is not currently capable of launching an amphibious invasion. Taiwan News

Taiwan has never been part of mainland China | M. Pompeo, Wash. Times

OPINION: In the run-up to last week’s elections in Taiwan, Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping made repeated claims that the “reunification” of Taiwan with mainland China is a “historical inevitability.”
Mr. Xi would have the Taiwanese people believe that historical fact demands reunification and that its happening is inevitable. The truth is the exact opposite: “Reunification” is neither historical nor inevitable. Washington Times