China propaganda found in 88% of Google, Bing news searches

The research team compiled daily data over a 120-day period on 12 terms related to Xinjiang and COVID-19 from five different sources: Google Search; Google News; Bing Search; Bing News; and YouTube, which Google owns. cyberscoop

At least one Chinese state-backed news outlet appeared in the top 10 results in 88% of searches, the researchers found. On YouTube, state media appeared even more often, showing up in 98% of searches.


Israeli newspaper ruffles feathers in China after Taiwan Interview

Jerusalem Post editor Yaakov Katz said he received a call from the Chinese embassy in Israel, insisting that his outlet take down the interview. In the interview, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warned of the threat posed by China’s authoritarian regime. FoxNews

“Didn’t take long. Got call from Chinese embassy. Apparently, I’m supposed to take down the story or they will sever ties with the @Jerusalem_Post and downgrade relations with the State of Israel,” Katz tweeted shortly after the article was published. “Needless to say, story ain’t going anywhere.”


Sanction semiconductors to deter China’s Taiwan ambitions

China spends more on microchips than crude oil Nikkei Asia

According to Technode, China imported $350 billion worth of semiconductors in 2020—more than the value of the crude oil it imported the same year, according to the country’s customs data. Importing semiconductors also accounts for the country’s largest categorical trade deficit, where the difference between what China imports and exports for this particular type of goods is the widest.