Should the United States Treat Taiwan Differently Than Ukraine?

The policy of strategic ambiguity does technically give the United States a way of staying out of any war between China and Taiwan, but the reality, even before Biden’s several comments, is that the world was already expecting the United States to send military forces into any China-Taiwan fray, thus risking nuclear escalation.

From strategic ambiguity to strategic incoherence

Washington now faces a serious dilemma. It is concerned that strategic ambiguity may no longer be sufficient to deter China from invading Taiwan, particularly in the face of China’s increasingly assertive talk of “resolving” the Taiwan issue through reunification. This could imply that the US needs to clarify and strengthen its security commitments. Asia Times

Taiwan ranks No. 1 worldwide for IQ

On May 16, Finnish enterprise Wiqtcom Inc. released the results of its Worldwide IQ test for 2022. Coming in first place out of over 100 countries was Taiwan, with an average IQ of 116.07.

Top Ten List according to

#CountryAverage IQStandard Deviation
4.South Korea111.3614.09
6.Hong Kong111.0112.74
Worldwide IQ Test