U.S. Marines train for possible future Chinese invasion of Taiwan

As the war of words ramps up between the Biden administration and Chinese government over the status of Taiwan, U.S. forces in Japan are gearing up for a possible conflict. This comes as President Biden wraps up his first official trip to Asia where he said the U.S. will step in if China invades Taiwan. Ed O’Keefe reports. CBS News

Alleged audio: China commanders planning for war with Taiwan

The 57-minute audio clip was allegedly recorded during a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of Guangdong on May 14 and published by Lude Media on Monday (May 23). According to the media outlet, this is the first audio recording from a “top secret military meeting” in China ever released to the public. taiwannews.com.tw

No divorce over Internet

Couples whose marital relations are protected by Chinese law cannot divorce over the Internet, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Tuesday.

A message left on consultation platform of the ministry’s official website last week asked if it was possible for a couple to get divorced via videolink in case one of them is not in China. Shine

Japan colluding with U.S. ? Invite disaster

As a regional country, Japan should have played a constructive role in maintaining regional peace, stability and prosperity. However, it is cooperating with the U.S. to formulate the so-called “Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS)” which is expected to stir up separation and confrontation.

It is a move that invites disaster by letting in invaders, which will seriously threaten regional peace and stability and hurt Japan’s own interests. Peoples Daily Online

large-scale drills around Taiwan this month after Biden claims

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Wednesday announced a second large-scale military exercise around the island of Taiwan this month in a move analysts said is a powerful response to remarks by US President Joe Biden two days ago, in which he claimed the US would intervene militarily if the Chinese mainland were to reunify with Taiwan by force. Peoples Daily Online