Could China be the biggest winner in Musk’s Twitter acquisition?

Twitter has shut down a significant number of accounts connected to the Chinese Communist Party. That said, with Mr. Musk’s Tesla already dependent on the special treatment that China affords it for profitability, and given Mr. Musk’s rich history of complying with the communist regime’s many demands, will a laxation or outright reversal of policy soon come under order?

Washington Times

If Musk’s Purchase of Twitter goes through,

Mr. Musk will soon own 100% of Twitter, and his company relies on China’s business and loans. Then, what is to stop Mr. Musk, under China’s pressure, from tasking a Twitter engine to help China hunt down and attack the Twitter users inside China, where using Twitter is banned and can be criminalized, and the critics of the CCP both in and outside country?

Washington Times
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